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We simply focus on you and your customer

Hornos Lamastelle has the aim of offering the best quality products, according to your business needs and your customer demands. Unique products to be shared in special moments.

All our products can be found in our portfolio, their main constituents are our dedication and the most selective ingredients. Hornos Lamastelle will provide you the most professional and reliable relationship.

We focus on your customers and we listen the demands of the market. Our experience in our sector together with the innovation let us keep advancing and growing for your customers to enjoy the products their deserve.

Traditional recipes ready to reach where your business is!

We count on a range variety of Galician empanadas, Tarta de Santiago Protected Geographical Indication, a wide variety of sponge cakes…

Illustrations of tuna, mushrooms, chickens and piglets.

Have you already seen the new look of Lamastelle empanadas?

Our fashion empanadas decided to adopt a new different look. Their new suits have been prepared with much love, care and colour… the aim? Transfer cheer and dynamism.

We would also like to launch a very important message: all our products have been prepared by wonderful people, full of dreams and illusion, people who, like you, enjoy every day by preparing high quality products. Lamastelle bags want to share enthusiasm and passion.

With our bags new designs, Lamastelle’s empanadas are ready to reach your customers filled of very special products. Empanadas made by wonderful people ready to enjoy in unique moments!

New colourful Lamastelle packaging with illustrations

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