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Made by Lamastelle
This is a handmade product elaborated by Lamastelle.

This high quality product is a 100% elaborated in our factory under the most rigorous handmade and quality standards.

Product Description

Directly from the cuisines of different countries round the world we present our most international pasties.

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Product Sizes

  • Mini11,5x10,5 cm.165 g.
  • Half moon11x10 cm.100 g.


Chicken kebab

Exquisite pasty whose intense flavour lets you appreciate the fabulous spices of the Orient served with delicious meat.


For the most daring and non-conformist palates looking for a strong flavour and a slightly spicy touch. Directly from Mexico, our Tex Mex.


Delicious pasty typical of the Argentine culture, containing juicy beef with the strong flavour of spices typical of the American continent.


Special combination of pork meats seasoned in the purest American style.


Symbol of Italian cuisine, representing the colours of its flag by combining a creamy cheese with tomato and a mild touch of basil.


In honour of the countries bathed by the Mediterranean and their renowned balanced diet, we present this pasty made with the best quality vegetables and tuna.


Delicious pasty filled with a combination of roasted vegetables.

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